Our Team

Ken Tang
Partner_Senior Project Manager

Ken Tang is a partner and senior project manager. He is responsible for the whole process of communication with customers, to follow up the progress of the project, to control the quality and effectiveness of the project . Ken is one of the first employees in the building model industry in China. He has more than 22 years of experience in the architectural model making industry. He has served on RJ Models for a long time, as assistant to the President and as general manager in Dubai branch .Through model production from design to hand-made drawing, coloring the whole process, especially good at controlling the overall effect of  master plan model and tone levels.
Ken is directly responsible for and involved in the production of more than 1000 model projects, including  Grand Lisboa Macau (Macau Casino 2004),Dubai Tower (SOM 2005), Dubai Meydan Racecourse(TAK 2008), Hong Kong Landmark Christmas model (Landmark 2013), Sanya International Sports Tourism Industrial Park(HKS 2018), Xiong’an New District Rongdong  Planning(CSADI 2018).


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